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When to see your doctor


    • if you are having thoughts of suicide
    • if you have other symptoms as well as problems with low mood
    • if you have a medical condition that seems to be getting worse
    • if you have realised that you are not just feeling low, but that you are depressed.

    Symptoms of depression include:

    • sadness throughout the day, nearly every day
    • loss of interest in or enjoyment of your favourite activities
    • feelings of worthlessness
    • excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt
    • thoughts of death or suicide
    • trouble making decisions
    • fatigue or lack of energy
    • sleeping too much or too little
    • change in appetite or weight
    • trouble concentrating
    • feelings of restlessness or being slowed down

    This checklist is only meant to help you discuss your concerns with your doctor and find out about different treatment options. Don’t be scared if you recognise the thoughts and feelings listed. If several of them do apply to you, this could mean that you are suffering from depression. But remember, there are good treatments available to help you get through it and back to feeling well again.

    If you have recently started taking new medication, it would be also be worth speaking to your doctor about whether this might be making you feel low or depressed.