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When to see your doctor


    • if you are having problems controlling your bladder or bowels or your leg
    • if you have numbness between your legs and round your anus.

As soon as you can: 

    • if you have persistent pain in your upper back (the back of your chest)
    • if you have been feeling unwell for a while, or if you have lost weight without trying to
    • if you have a medical condition that seems to be worsening, especially if you have had cancer or HIV or another serious medical problem
    • if your back pain doesn’t ease off when you lie down, or gets worse when you rest, or keeps you up at night
    • if at any time you have been taking a long course of steroids
    • if you have numbness or weakness in your legs when you walk
    • if you have recently been injured in a fall or an accident
    • if you have been told that you have osteoporosis.
    • if this is your first or worst back pain and you’re under 20 or over 55